Do Clinicians Need Self-Care?

It is always helpful to have spa days, and getting massages and other self-care rituals, however they don’t really change anything about the real burnout. In cases of depletion and burnout, self-care acts more like a Band-Aid.


With the Conscious Recovery system, we believe that when the clinician is deeply connected with their true nature, there is access to an abundant and infinite energy. True self care is to deeply connect with one’s true nature and be fully present. When a clinician is with a client or a group of clients, the true therapeutic alliance resonates with the presence that can be felt, but does not need words. It is an experience of the ultimate presence.


When a client experiences that presence with a clinician, there is a sense of safety that gets created. Many clinicians are well-meaning, well-intentioned when they step into addiction recovery careers, intending to help others, but sometimes lose themselves. However, it is true that most clinicians are drawn to this type of career because they want to heal themselves. When they do the work of making peace with their own past and overcoming their false beliefs, they can continue replicating that process.


It is a clinician’s responsibility to take care of themselves physically, mentally and spiritually so they can be present for their clients. With Conscious Recovery, it’s a top-down approach of the clinicians doing their healing work so they can heal their clients.

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