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If you or a family member has ever dealt with addiction, you likely know the devastating consequences it can have on a person and their family’s life. Millions of Americans face this sad truth every day. Many people struggle with addiction and never get the help they need because they don’t know where to turn and what to do about their addiction. Malibu is no exception. When it comes to dealing with addiction, there’s only one surefire way to get help and get free of addiction in return to a normal life. That is to find a licensed treatment facility and get personalized care that deals with the root cause of the addiction.

Unfortunately, it takes more than just wanting to quit in order to beat addiction. Addiction is a disease that stays with a person for a lifetime. In order to truly get sober and on the path of recovery, a person needs proper treatment at a licensed treatment facility that is dedicated to helping them overcome addiction and develop the tools they need to return to a normal life. After all, beating addiction is about more than just stopping the use of drugs or alcohol.

Northridge Detox Center is a drug and alcohol rehab center located in Southern California. We pride ourselves on giving clients the opportunity to recover in a safe and calming environment with a highly trained and caring medical staff that is dedicated to giving them the best chances at a successful recovery. We know the toll that addiction can take on a person’s life, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way to help you succeed.

Malibu,Addiction Treatment Center,Malibu Detox Center,Drug Rehab in Malibu
Malibu,Addiction Treatment Center,Malibu Detox Center,Drug Rehab in Malibu
Malibu,Addiction Treatment Center,Malibu Detox Center,Drug Rehab in Malibu
Find The Healing You Deserve
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How to Find The Best Rehab in Malibu, CA?

Most of the time, when people think about rehab, they think about sitting down with a counselor and getting one on one treatment sessions. Well, that is certainly part of the process, but there is much more to it than that.

There are three main parts of a complete treatment plan at a rehab center, and each one plays a vital role in the recovery process. The first and arguably most crucial step is detox. Detox is the process of removing the harmful toxins of drug and alcohol use from the body. This should always be done in a medically supervised setting to prevent complications from withdrawal and existing health issues. A typical detox plan can last from 5 to 7 days and may be assisted with medication if necessary. During that time, at Northridge Detox Center, our highly trained medical staff will watch over you continuously, 24/7, to ensure that the detox process is a success.

Once detox is complete, the client enters the treatment phase of the program. Treatment can take any number of forms, but typically involves some type of one-on-one counseling, group counseling, peer support, 12 step programs, or other care. Each of these types of treatments is designed to help the person deal with the effects of the addiction as well as develop the tools necessary to handle the underlying causes of the addiction. Treatment like this is necessary because oftentimes, the root causes of the addiction are found somewhere within day-to-day life, such as triggers and circumstances that lead to a person wanting to use drugs and alcohol. By identifying these triggers and giving the person the tools necessary to deal with them, the person is then able to return to a life of normalcy once treatment ends.

The last part of the treatment process is known as aftercare. Aftercare consists of a series of support groups and programs designed to help a person maintain their sobriety. Once treatment has ended. This can come in the form of 12 step programs, halfway houses, sober living communities, and other options that allow them to further their own life goals without having to give up their sobriety or the treatment that they need.

While there is no cure for addiction, if a person completes the full set of treatment options available, it maximizes their chances of leading a successful life free of drugs and alcohol.

Malibu,Addiction Treatment Center,Malibu Detox Center,Drug Rehab in Malibu
Malibu,Addiction Treatment Center,Malibu Detox Center,Drug Rehab in Malibu
Malibu,Addiction Treatment Center,Malibu Detox Center,Drug Rehab in Malibu
Malibu,Addiction Treatment Center,Malibu Detox Center,Drug Rehab in Malibu
Malibu,Addiction Treatment Center,Malibu Detox Center,Drug Rehab in Malibu

The Importance of Rehab in Malibu, CA

It’s easy for people to think that quitting drugs and alcohol is as simple as stopping cold turkey. However, not only is this a bad idea, it is often unsuccessful. That is because addiction has a number of factors and causes behind it, and simply quitting use will not stop the addiction. The truth is, many people who try to quit on their own wind-up relapsing, sometimes multiple times before seeking professional help.

Rehab in Malibu, CA, offers the support and treatment options needed to truly beat addiction And not just stop using drugs and alcohol.

Malibu Treatment Centers

Once you’ve decided to get help to beat addiction, it’s time to visit us at Northridge Detox Center. We have a kind and caring support staff along with luxury accommodations and the treatment options you need to deal with your unique addiction and live life sober for the long term. Just because addiction is a lifelong disease doesn’t mean that you have to suffer with it alone. Contact us today if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction and needs help.

What to Expect at Our Drug Rehab in Malibu

As most folks know, the first step to recovery is admitting that you need help. Once that part of the process is done, it’s time to visit us at Northridge Detox Center to get the help you need. From the moment you enter, you’ll be greeted by our warming, compassionate staff that is knowledgeable about addiction, ready to help you get sober.

The process begins with an evaluation of the client’s medical history as well as the history of their addiction and any specific needs that they may have. This helps us provide an individualized treatment plan that focuses on unique addiction and the means needed to facilitate recovery. Because each addiction is different, and so is the individual, it is important to develop a plan tailored to their specific addiction and the needs that go along with it.

Once the evaluation process is complete, treatment begins with detox. Our detox programs are designed to treat specific drugs rather than a catchall system for every drug. This means that, for instance, a person dealing with opioid addiction will have a specialized detox program that works specifically for opioids, including medications designed to ease the effects of withdrawal.

After detox is complete, the treatment plan can begin. Each individual treatment plan will be different, but treatment options range from individual therapy with a licensed medical professional to group therapy sessions, 12 step programs, peer group sessions, and more. The focus of treatment at our facility is not only the treatment of the substance but also the treatment of the person, identifying the root causes of addiction, and developing the tools to combat it in the real world.

With treatment completing these tools in hand, the person then moves on to aftercare. We provide aftercare services to our clients to maximize the potential for prolonged recovery and success and to give them the extra opportunity to develop their life goals and return to a normal day-to-day existence.

By providing a full range of treatment options, we believe that we can give our clients the best chances at a successful recovery without relapse. Our facility is a luxury facility that offers home-like accommodations and a quiet and relaxing environment so that the client can focus on themselves and what they need to recover from their addiction without worrying about stressors and day-to-day life activities. It is our goal that everyone gets the help they need to combat addiction, regardless of the circumstances behind it.

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