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For anyone dealing with addiction, it is a scary and life-altering experience. Not only is it dangerous to the health of the person suffering from addiction, but it can also cause changes in their life such as job loss, loss of friends and family, and inability like even simple day-to-day tasks. For many suffering from diction, it is an all-encompassing disease that takes over every aspect of their life. Not only is it detrimental to their lives, and it is often difficult for many people to get the help they need to get over addiction and return to their normal life, leading to an endless cycle of drug use and relapse. Even for those that attempt to quit on their own, the chances of success are slim. This is true for folks in San Diego as well.

The truth is, because of the nature of addiction, the only way to truly become clean and sober and stay that way is to get help in a professional addiction treatment facility. Finding the right type of care can be just as difficult and scary as dealing with the addiction itself. However, it is the best chance a person has to beat addiction and return to a normal life. We here at Northridge Detox Center know how drastic an effect addiction can have on someone’s life and the importance of getting treatment.

The first and most important step to overcoming addiction is realizing that you have a problem and that you need professional help. Once you take this most important step, you can begin to try and find a treatment center that will work to meet your specific needs and treat your specific addiction and the underlying causes behind it. Addiction is a life-altering disease, but it doesn’t have to be one without hope.

San Diego,Addiction Treatment,Treatment Center,drug and alcohol
San Diego,Addiction Treatment,Treatment Center,drug and alcohol
San Diego,Addiction Treatment,Treatment Center,drug and alcohol
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Addiction Facts about San Diego

San Diego is not immune to the addiction epidemic that is sweeping America. According to their most recent statistics, persons age 12 or older who have used illicit drugs numbered approximately 15% of the population in the past year. Among those persons, roughly 10% used marijuana, and 5% used prescription drugs.

This means that among the roughly 26,000,000 persons aged 12 or older in the state of California, four million of those have engaged in drug use in the past year. This also means that a significant portion of those persons reside in San Diego and that among those people, many have become addicted. In many cases, teens and young adults can find it difficult to find treatment or even to admit that they have a problem, leading to a higher rate of relapse and continued drug use.

Among those using drugs in San Diego, roughly 11% developed substance use disorder and another 5% were shown to have depressive episodes or mental illness associated with their drug use. Mental illness is another factor that plays into addiction and can make getting help even more complicated.

For those dealing with alcohol and drug addiction, the first thought is often to try and quit on their own or cold turkey. Not only is this typically unsuccessful, it can be incredibly dangerous as the symptoms of withdrawal from drug and alcohol use. It can be life-threatening when compounded with existing health issues or when faced with co-occurring disorders such as mental health issues. This is why it’s important to seek out a licensed treatment facility in order to battle addiction.

San Diego,Addiction Treatment,Treatment Center,drug and alcohol
San Diego,Addiction Treatment,Treatment Center,drug and alcohol
San Diego,Addiction Treatment,Treatment Center,drug and alcohol

What to Look for in a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in San Diego

Before you attempt to seek treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, it is important to note what to look for in a treatment facility. Each and every addiction is unique in the treatment necessary to combat the addiction must also be equally as unique.

The first thing to look for in a drug and alcohol rehab facility in San Diego is a kind and caring staff that knows how to deal with different addictions and the consequences that go with them—having a staff that understands your needs and is able to help you is the best way to have a successful rehab.

Beyond having a knowledgeable staff, another thing to look for in a rehab center that is away from all the struggles and stresses of the world. People often relapse due to factors in their personal lives that cause them to want to use drugs and alcohol to cope with situations. Going to a rehab center that takes a person out of these situations makes it much more likely that they will have a successful treatment and continued recovery.

It’s important to find a rehab facility that offers individualized care plans that work to treat the underlying causes of the addiction and not the drug or alcohol itself. This includes finding a facility that has a variety of treatment options and plans that work for a variety of situations. The types of plans to look for include individual therapy, group therapy, peer counseling, 12 step programs and aftercare services.

Northridge Detox Center is a luxury rehab facility that serves San Diego and the surrounding area and is dedicated to giving each of our clients the best chances of successful recovery and the return to a normal life free of drugs and alcohol.

How Northridge Detox Center is Different

While most treatment facilities offer detox programs and treatment programs centered around getting a person clean and sober, Northridge Detox Center is focused on treating the underlying causes of the addiction and offers specific care for specific addictions. For instance, we offer a wide variety of detox programs aimed at specific drugs, rather than an A1 size fits all program for each drug. Combined with this approach is our knowledgeable and caring staff that is there to watch over you 24/7 and take care of any of your medical and recovery needs while ensuring the highest chances of a successful recovery.

We understand that treating the drug or alcohol will not cure the addiction and the only way to truly put someone on the path to recovery is by treating the underlying root causes of the addiction. These can be struggles in daily life, mental health issues, or a combination of factors that lead to continued drug and alcohol use.

Our facility is a luxury facility that offers accommodations so that all the client needs to focus on is their successful recovery. Once detox is complete, clients can enter treatment at our facility and are offered a wide array of options to meet their needs. No addiction treatment is complete without aftercare services, such as 12 step programs and peer support that help a person transition back to normal life and continue to stay sober long after treatment ends.

We believe that our approach combined with the treatment services that we offer is the best way to manage addiction and stay sober for the long term and go back to looking at a happy and healthy life.

Let Our San Diego Drug Detox Center Help

We know that getting help is never easy. We also know that getting help is the only way to truly defeat addiction. Our staff at Northridge Detox Center is dedicated to you and getting you clean and sober so that you can return to your life. Our combination of service options, knowledge, and caring staff make us the best detox center in San Diego.

While no one should ever have to deal with addiction, having a place to go where you can get the treatment you need to get sober can make all the difference. Who wants to live a life struggling with addiction, losing family and friends, and not being able to enjoy their life? If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction and is ready to get help, contact Northridge Detox Center today.

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