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Most of us know what addiction is, but many of us may not realize that it is a lifelong disease that millions of people struggle with every day. Because of the nature of addiction, it can often be hard or nearly impossible to get over the election without the right help and support from people who are trained to deal with It. Many people suffering from addiction may not even know where to turn to get the right help they need for their addiction, leading to a constant cycle of addiction relapse and continued use. In fact, there are many circumstances that lead to addiction and many reasons why people are unable to kick the addiction for good.

At Northridge Detox Center, we realize the struggle that goes along with addiction and how it impacts people. Need and deserve help. One of the most critical factors in getting the help that you need is realizing that you have a problem and that medical intervention is the only way forward. Trying to quit on your own is not only likely to be unsuccessful, but it can be life-threatening. This is why we are here to offer those suffering from addiction the help and support they need in a kind and caring environment to have the best chances of recovery.

At Northridge Detox Center, Not only are we the best detox choice for cocaine, we are a facility with a kind and caring staff that is dedicated to your recovery. Once you step through our doors, you’ll receive the highest quality of care from the most knowledgeable and trustworthy staff anywhere in Orange County. We know that cocaine addiction, in particular, can be an incredibly life-altering and stressful situation, and it is our goal to give everyone the best chance for successful recovery.

Cocaine Treatment,LA
Cocaine Treatment,LA
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What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a white powdery substance that comes from the leaves of the coca plant. It is in a class of drugs known as stimulants and has been used for many years as a pain reliever in medicine since first being introduced. Starting in the 1800s, the drug cocaine was widely used as an anesthetic during surgery and other medical procedures due to its powerful numbing properties as well as being used for a variety of other purposes due to its stimulant properties. However, around the 1970s, it was discovered that the drug was highly addictive and, as such, was made completely illegal, with rare exceptions to some medical procedures where it is still used as an anesthetic.

The drug itself is still widely available today through illicit means and is widely used and considered one of the most addictive drugs sold on the street. Although it is no longer prescribed or used in any medical capacity, there is still a vast market, and it is still readily accessible on the streets. In fact, it is going to be on the original intended medical use and how and has now become a recreational drug of choice. Because of the addictive nature of cocaine and its effects on the body, it is nearly impossible to quit without medical treatment.

At Northridge Detox Center, we know that the first step to getting over any addiction is through the process of detoxification. We also know that this process can be scary, and it’s hard to admit that you need help and find the proper support when suffering from a drug addiction such as cocaine. We are here for you, with our state-of-the-art facility and kind and caring staff to handle all of your drug addiction-related needs.

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How Long Does it Take to Detox from Cocaine?

One particular thing to note about cocaine detox and cocaine withdrawal is that a person can withdraw from cocaine while still having the substance in their system. This means that a person who is still using but hasn’t completely stopped using cocaine can still suffer from withdrawal. This makes the detox process incredibly difficult and especially dangerous if done outside of a medically supervised setting. Standard detox plan last from five to seven days, but depending on the extent of use, they can take longer, and withdrawal can last from days to weeks after stopping use.

Because of the nature of cocaine withdrawal, it is advised to seek medical assistance immediately after stopping use to avoid any potentially deadly withdrawal side effects or symptoms.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

As discussed, cocaine withdrawal can begin almost immediately after slowing down or stopping use. At this point, symptoms can begin to show and may, may, may be mild to moderate or even severe, depending on the health and use history of the person.

Withdrawal’s physical side effects include physical pain, sleepiness, irritability, intense cravings, and fits of paranoia or rage. Psychological effects such as mood alterations, anxiety, fear, depression, loss of interest, and lack of pleasure can also occur.

The actual process of detox occurs the minute you stop using cocaine. This means you should immediately come to our facility at Northridge Detox Center and let us begin developing your detox plan. Once your initial valuation is complete, your detox state should last anywhere from a few days to a week, during which time our staff will supervise you to help deal with any potential withdrawal side effects and administer medication as needed. We provide a safe and secure environment where a person can detox from cocaine and handle the effects of cocaine withdrawal without having to worry about problems from the outside world or dealing with medical consequences on their own. It is our goal to have all our clients detox safely and successfully and get on the road to recovery.

What to Expect When Entering a Cocaine Detox Center

When you enter our facility for cocaine detox treatment, the first thing you can expect is to be greeted by a kind, caring, and friendly staff that knows how to handle addiction in all of its forms. We begin each session with a personalized evaluation of a person’s medical history, addiction history, and any underlying issues that may exist. By doing this, we can provide a customized detox plan that has the highest chances of success while minimizing the pain and suffering that occurs during the withdrawal process.

Our facility is designed to be a comfortable and home-like environment where the person can focus on their recovery and not on the outside world’s problems or any issues that they may have. We focus on getting to the root cause of the addiction during treatment and not simply removing the drug from the person’s system. By doing this, we give them the tools they need to return to an everyday life free of cocaine and ready to live life the way they want.

Why You Shouldn't Detox Off Cocaine Alone

There are two main reasons why a person should never attempt to detox from any drug, especially cocaine. The first reason is that a person trying to detox alone is much more likely to relapse due to the effects of withdrawal and the potential for continued use, especially with the availability of the drug close at hand. Secondly, the symptoms of withdrawal can likely cause medical complications that can lead to severe injury or death if not monitored or treated. Therefore, a person with an addiction should never attempt to detox alone, as they could suffer severe injury or potential relapse.

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