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Los Angeles Fentanyl Overdoses Skyrocket Since Covid-19: Data Shows Devastating Toll Of Pandemic

Los Angeles Fentanyl Overdoses have skyrocketed in recent months, as the pandemic takes its toll on the city. According to data from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner, accidental drug overdose deaths have increased by an alarming rate since Covid-19 began spreading. This report includes data from various analyses up until July 2020, due to data lag related to the ongoing lab analyses and data processing required beyond this time period.

What does Conscious Recovery mean?

For someone who is trying to get sober and stay sober through traditional recovery systems, coming to Conscious Recovery is a completely different way of life, a dramatically different shift in mindset that can change the trajectory of their life.

How does Conscious Recovery differ from other systems?

Many clinicians in the traditional recovery systems feel depleted of energy after doing this kind of work. This happens when someone views their job as needing to do something for someone, or to make a person or group go a certain way, or wanting a particular breakthrough for a client.

Do Clinicians Need Self-Care?

It is always helpful to have spa days, and getting massages and other self-care rituals, however they don’t really change anything about the real burnout. In cases of depletion and burnout, self-care acts more like a Band-Aid.

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