Flexible Treatment Options

The Best Detox Center in Los Angeles, Ca

Northridge Detox center is the San Fernando Valley’s leading crisis stabilization facility. Set in a luxury environment our facility caters to clients and families alike 24/7. Our facility was designed to help those struggling with addiction at any hour of the day or night. With our experienced staff, board certified medical staffing and 24 hour access to our own facility MD. This allows us to treat someone struggling with withdrawals any day of the week.
  • Luxury locations fit for any clients needs and comfort requirements.
  • Professional, attentive staff that goes above and beyond for client success.
  • Accommodations for both mental health challenges & addiction.
  • 24/7 admissions
  • Help with travel
northridge,Detox Center,The best detox center in los angeles


northridge,Detox Center,The best detox center in los angeles


northridge,Detox Center,The best detox center in los angeles


northridge,Detox Center,The best detox center in los angeles


northridge,Detox Center,The best detox center in los angeles


northridge,Detox Center,The best detox center in los angeles


northridge,Detox Center,The best detox center in los angeles

Prescription Drugs

northridge,Detox Center,The best detox center in los angeles


Northridge Detox Center

We are here for you or your loved one every step of the way. Detox is the first step to long-term sobriety and our program uses effective treatments to make sure our clients are well cared for during the process. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step to getting the rest of your life back.

Recovery Awaits

Men & Women's Addiction Treatment Center in Los Angeles, CA

Finding treatment for mental health disorders or addiction can be a complicated process. It is crucial to find treatment options that meet your goals, lifetime circumstances and demographical understandings.Each one of AM Health Care’s programs has different plans, protocols, and guidelines that help influence the effectiveness of treatment, based on your needs. At Los Angeles Detox, we are here to help you through this process.

Whether you are suffering from mental health challenges, substance abuse, gambling or sex addiction, or eating disorders, we can help match you to the best possible treatment in your area. Researching treatment can be incredibly stressful, especially for those doing so for the first time. This stress, combined with the challenges you are already facing, is a lot to put on your plate. We are here to help reduce that burden and get you the assistance you require.

Addiction Treatment
Done Right

A treatment plan for addiction or mental illness should always be built around the needs of the individual. By discussing what you are looking for in your treatment program, we can better understand which of our facilities will benefit your recovery. Finding the right program for you is a vital first step in a treatment plan that will be successful.

Northridge Detox Center helps people suffering from mental health challenges, addiction, eating disorders, gambling addiction, and many more problems. If you or a loved one face challenges and feel that seeking treatment is the next step, please reach out to us at 818-239-7437  to learn more about possible treatment options in your area. 

Personalized Addiction Treatment

We know that it can be incredibly challenging to find the right treatment for your needs. Often when people begin searching for treatment, especially for the first time, they may not know what will work best for them or what program is most appropriate for their challenges. 

AM Health Care’s trusted treatment centers throughout Southern California offer a wide array of treatment options that can be personalized to you. What works for some people might be less effective for others, and many may not understand what will work best for them. Northridge Detox Center will help guide you through these decisions making it clear to know you are receiving the best treatment, with a personalized fit specifically to you.

We all come from different backgrounds and face our challenges. No one person is the same as the other, and therefore your treatment should not be identical to anyone else’s either. Northridge Detox Center wants you to be assured that you are being treated as an individual when you enter treatment and not lumped in with a large group of people who may be entirely different from you. Your treatment should always be catered to your personal needs first and foremost.

Recover From Addiction Today

Finding help for treatment can be scary, especially for people reaching out for the first time. That is why we are willing to do that work with you. Clients struggling with addiction or mental health have enough on their plate. Sometimes the simple act of asking for assistance is all that should be required. We are willing to help you find the best option for you or your loved one’s circumstances. Regardless of the challenges you are facing, we can help you find treatment and the best possible treatment for your specific needs. 
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